Chip & PIN Technology. Security without a signature.

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Your BMO IGA AIR MILES MasterCard comes with an embedded microchip that is encrypted and extremely difficult to counterfeit. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a key security element for completing purchases at merchants with chip card technology.

Keep your PIN confidential and separate from your card at all times. A PIN will be sent to you but you can change it at any BMO ABM. Be sure to make your PIN easy to remember but not easily guessed by others.

Using your BMO IGA AIR MILES MasterCard

1. At a chip terminal

  • Insert your credit card into the chip terminal.
  • Enter your PIN, leave your card inserted in the terminal and follow the prompts.
  • When your transaction is completed, remove your card from the chip terminal and take your receipt.

2. Swiping your card

  • Your card has a magnetic stripe on its back so merchants who don’t have chip terminals can accept it by swiping the card and having you sign the receipt.

3. MasterCard PayPass™* Terminals

  • You can also pay for purchases quickly & securely anywhere you see the MasterCardPayPass symbol.

4. Automatic Banking Machines (ABM’s)

  • You need your PIN to complete your transaction at any ABM.